Power Management


An essential element of fleet management for electrical material handling vehicles is managing the power used by the fleet. This is what the EnerSys power management system is designed to do.

This integrated system optimises use of NexSys® and other EnerSys® forklift truck batteries, through optimum charging, real-time monitoring, and data analysis. Wi-iQ® wireless monitoring devices collect and report battery data, which is shared via Bluetooth with the eConnect mobile app and Truck IQ™ smart battery dashboard Truck IQ™ can show to operators the battery status and actionable advice directly on their vehicle-mounted Truck IQ™ screen. Managers can ensure the best battery performance, using data analysis from Xinx™.


Power management for improved profitability

The greater your insight into the power management of your electric forklift vehicles, the more effectively you can improve battery performance and, therefore, profitability. This expert-written guide provides a technical assessment of power management and how best to achieve it.


How to boost profitability through deeper insight

Download our infographic to find out how to make sense of data from multiple batteries, chargers and trucks and the benefits of applying a power management system to your commercial fleet.


Understand the complete Power Management System

Watch our animation to see how the EnerSys® Power Management System works.

Power in

your control

Managing the power for your electric forklift fleet can be complex and challenging. The range of power monitoring, charging and management products from EnerSys® makes it easier and more cost-effective.


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